Recumbent Exercise Bikes – Why You Should Consider One

When you think of an exercise bike, you probably think of someone all hunched over, pedaling away, with their feet hanging below them. But did you know that there is a much more comfortable way to get a workout on an exercise bike? All you need is a recumbent exercise bike!

How does  work a recumbent exercise bike to get fitness?

Different than a traditional, upright bike, a recumbent exercise bike is lower to the ground and positions your feet out in front of you – instead of underneath you. Recumbent bikes don’t take as much balance or coordination to ride, so they are perfect for beginners.

recumbent exercise bike


But that’s not all they can do. Whether you are an exercise novice or a seasoned veteran, a recumbent exercise bike can give you a much more comfortable workout than other bikes can.

By having your feet level with the rest of your body, a recumbent exercise bike balances out your weight. That way, there’s not one single part of your body that’s stuck absorbing all of your weight or too much pressure. You won’t have to worry about feeling pain in your knees, hips, or back while you work out.

And, with a , you can forget about those narrow seats. Recumbent bikes come with a bucket seat and a seat back. That way, you can avoid the dreaded “hunching”.

Aside from being uncomfortable, did you know that hunching over actually gives you an imbalanced workout?

If you’re not sitting up straight, your muscles are not being worked out evenly. But with a recumbent exercise bike, you don’t have to worry. It’s designed to make you sit up straight, so that you get the best workout possible!

Recumbent exercise bikes are the perfect choice for people with back pain, joint pain, and even older and overweight people. In fact, many people who are rehabbing from injuries use recumbent exercise bikes as part of their physical therapy.

So, how much does a recumbent exercise bike cost?

Like traditional bikes, recumbent exercise bikes come in all sizes – and all price ranges.

If you don’t want to spend a ton of money, you can get a cheaper model that is completely manual. Or, if you are willing to fork over a little more cash, you can get a more expensive model that comes with computerized options, like heart rate monitoring and pre-programmed workouts. There are even luxurious recumbent exercise bikes that come with video screens, so that you can distract your mind while you pedal!

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