Stationary Exercise Bike – What One Can Do for You!

If you’re looking for a way to stay in shape and have fun at the same time, then a Stationary Exercise Bike is the perfect tool. With one, you can pedal to your heart’s content – anytime you want! Sure, there is plenty of exercise equipment out there that promises to tone you up and slim you down.

Stationary Exercise Bike

But a stationary exercise bike comes with specific benefits that other equipment can’t match, like:

– Being easy to use, whether you are new to working out or an exercise veteran

– Workouts that you can customize to your particular skill level, with adjustable resistance levels

– Offering a variety of different types

– from traditional upright bikes, to more comfortable recumbent bikes, to even dual-action bikes that offer a full-body workout

– Saving you space

– whether you need to tuck your bike away in a corner, in a closet, or in your basement

So, what about the workout you get from one of these bikes? Is a stationary bike workout worth it?Absolutely!

Let’s compare stationary bikes to treadmills – since these are two of the most common piece of home exercise equipment: Depending on how fast you run, riding on a stationary bike burns slightly fewer calories than spending the same amount of time running on a treadmill.

However, you’re likely to spend more time on an exercise bike without getting winded – so, in the end, you can actually burn more calories on your bike!

So, what’s the best stationary bike that you can buy?

It depends on your budget and the features you want. Many of today’s exercise bikes are as advanced as computers. They can come with everything from sophisticated magnetic resistance, to built-in video screens, to computerized heart rate monitors, to pre-programmed workout routines.


When you start shopping for a stationary bike, start by checking out the following:

– A Schwinn stationary bike

One of the pioneers of the exercise bike industry, Schwinn still sets the standard for bikes around the world. When you get a Schwinn bike, you can rest easy knowing that you’re getting something that’s durable and sophisticated. Schwinn offers more expensive bikes that have the very newest features, along with more moderately-priced bikes that are a little more basic.

– A Marcy exercise bike

If you are looking for a cheap bike that still performs well, Marcy is a great choice. Since these bikes cost far less than other brands, you won’t get all of the bells and whistles that you get with other bikes. However, you’ll get a bike that offers good value for the price.

– A ProForm bike

These bikes are perfect for biking beginners for two reasons – they’re cheap and they’re easy to use. A ProForm bike won’t come with all of the extras that other brands give you, but it also means that you’re getting bike that’s simple to setup. If you simply want a basic way to get in shape, ProForm bikes can give it to you.

– A Stamina bike

Stamina has created a variety of bikes in a variety of price ranges. No matter how much money you’re looking to spend, you will be able to find a Stamina bike that meets you needs. And, since Stamina’s bikes are all so different, they are perfect for both beginners and more advanced riders.

What about a used exercise bike? Will that give you the workout that you need?


In fact, used exercise bikes are a great way to save money. Before you buy one, though, make sure that your prospective bike is still in good enough shape to give you a high-intensity workout. And, remember that many manufacturers will not honor the warranty if you are not the original bike owner – so, if something breaks, you could wind up paying to fix it yourself.

What if you don’t have room for even the smallest of stationary bikes? Are you out of luck?


If your tiny living space just won’t accommodate a full-sized exercise bike, there are other options out there that can give you the same biking benefits – without taking up a ton of space.

If you’re really tight on space, a portable stationary bike may be just what you need. These are not real bikes; instead, they are small devices that mimic the same biking motion. Because these devices are so small, you can store them anywhere – like under your bed, or in your closet. And, you can even take them with you wherever you go – like on vacation or to a friend’s house. As an added benefit, a portable exercise bike is also much cheaper than a traditional stationary bike.

If you have room for a full-sized bike – but don’t have anywhere to store it when you’re not using it – consider getting a stationary bike trainer. Also known as a stationary bike stand, you can use one to turn your outdoor bike into an indoor bike! All you do is fasten it to the front wheel, and you can pedal away without moving. That way, you can store your bike outside – or, stick to your biking schedule even when Mother Nature has other ideas!

No matter where you live or what kind of shape you’re in, a stationary bike is a great investment that can give you years of better health!

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